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For more than 30 years Chocolate World has kept Belgium in high regards with an extensive offer in high-quality products.

Chocolate World offers you, modestly but with pride, the largest standard assortment of molds in the world at her showroom in Antwerp.

A myriad collection of themes, in several sizes and weight, are transformed into polycarbonate chocolate molds.

A varied supply, from very traditional to very modern molds, are intended to let every chocolatier enjoy his passion for his work.

Delicacies Valley is proud to distribute these high-quality products in Canada.


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Chocolate molds serie 1000

Serie 1000


Chocolate molds serie 2000

Serie 2000

Chocolate molds, chocolate world, polycarbonate molds



Choose any model you want from the Catalogues and email us your order!


Chocolate World has the largest standard assortment of molds in the world and we can bring them to you, just go to our online store and choose the models you prefer. If you can not find the models that you want please just click on the catalogues, choose whatever model you want and place your order at , we can give you the best price according to the ordered quantities.



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How to get our products 


To get bulk pricing please send us an email to:

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If you want to enjoy the best flavours at the door of your home, just let yourself go through our online store and enjoy your treasures!

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