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A roudlyCanadian Company

About Us

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Our purpose is to bring to the most demanding palates the best food products, and our flag, the fine cocoa beans and derivatives grown in the wonderful lands of Venezuela.


" Venezuelan cacao is highly appreciated by the most prestigious pastry chefs, chocolate makers, and bakers around the world "


 We source our cocoa products from the very best and the most reliable sources in Venezuela. Whether you try them as beans, nibs, powder, liquor or butter, you will taste the difference that superior quality makes.


We simply bring the finest things for people like you.

A Proudly Canadian Company


To strengthen market participation in Canada of our represented brands through structured plans of marketing development, an efficient distribution system and personalized attention to customers; all aligned with the strategies and requirements of our business partners.


Working hard to make our partners' businesses more successful and offer practical support that creates real value for them.


People and organizations who look products 100% Naturals.

People and organizations who enjoy tasting the best flavors.

People and organizations who know about the best food.


As a Canadian company, our goal is to achieve the complete satisfaction of our customers by providing the best range of high-quality products.


As a natural foods supplier, our mission is to source the highest quality cacao products to our customers with an affordable price. We know that the best products come from the best ingredients and that is why simply supply you with the finest cocoa in the world!


As a chocolate maker supplier, we offer you with a wide range of products, tools, equipment and advice, so you can start building your own story to be a:


"Master Chocolate Maker"


We love what we do and love sharing our knowledge and skills with those who wish to start in this magical world of chocolate bean to bar making. No matter if you are a professional or an amateur we really enjoy helping you!




Present in Venezuela and Canada, we have a competent, collaborative and committed human team. Professionally trained with a customer focus, building long-term relationships - striving to understand the customer needs and tailoring solutions to meet their specific needs.

Our processing plant partners in Venezuela contributes arduously to the progress of the cocoa communities through training programs to increase their productivity (totally free), social plans that improve their quality of life contributing to the development and welfare of each of them.


Our commitment to Venezuelan producers is to connect their products with end users in Canada benefiting both nations and promoting social welfare and environmental sustainability.




Our Roots

Our Roots

Our founders come from two cities of Venezuela, the city of Maracay called "Ciudad Jardín", and also from the beautiful city of Caracas.


Our inspiration came thinking about Caracas, a valley where the best tropical flavours have been mixed for generations with the highest level of culinary influences from Europe and other main world capitals.


At Delicacies Valley, our desire is that you truly enjoy the best tastes through our exquisite range of products and experience a little of that valley where everything began for us.

Proudly of  Venezuelan Origin

Venezuela | Delicacies Valley
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