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The roasting of beans is very personal because depending on the timing and temperatures the result will be different, talking about flavor and aroma of your final product. We suggest starting with a temperature in the range of 275°F to 325°F (135°C to 162.80°C) with a time range of 15 to 35 minutes. 
•    If you are going to use trays in this process, you must spread the beans on a tray in a uniform manner, although that as we have said, the roasting depends on each person. You can know that the beans are ready once they sound like popcorn when they are ready in the microwave.
•    The roasting allows to wake aromas and flavors in the cocoa beans and at the same time, eliminates the acetic acid. For those who don’t know what acetic acid is, it is a sub-product of the fermentation. The fermentation is the process post-harvest in which once the beans are collected, the pulp around them is taken off and then placed in special containers for 5 to 8 days depending on the origin and the varietal of the beans. After the fermentation comes to the drying process in the central locations of processing and storage. Also, the roasting represents the sterilization, the bacteria-killing step!



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