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Patanemo Beans Sensory Profile :

Smell of wood, sweet in syrup and chocolate. Slight odor of vinegar (acetic acid). The flavor of green beans is associated with green fruits at the time of harvest. It has a woody flavor, constant, as well as the flavor of panela and/or malt.Perfect for bean-to-bar chocolate makers.




MOLD % (MÁX) ​



Plastic bag 1 kg (2.2 lb)

Burlap bag 5 kg (11 lb)

Burlap Sack 50kg. (110 lb)

Perfect for bean-to-bar chocolate makers.


Patanemo is located in the Carabobo State, municipality of Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. Here, you also find the beautiful Bay of Patanemo this large bay is formed by a flooded valley, between the tip of Yapascua, east and west Punta Rock. Its eastern and western coast, rocky and steep, south presenting a wide sandy beach about 800 meters.


Patanemo initially was a Spanish settlement founded in 1551 by Juan de Villegas. 


The Christianity managed to establish itself in the population in the mid-seventeenth century. In 1670, Ensign Juan Francisco de Elgueta promoted the establishment of the parish and built a church, approved by the Cabildo on April 22 of that year.


The development of cocoa plantations was closely linked to the censuses and works of the church. Among the main owners of the cocoa farms was Don Lorenzo de Córdova.


An interesting fact, the agricultural production of the Patanemo haciendas served to finance repairs to the Puerto Cabello Fortifications, as Diego de Ibarra points out in his letter to the Lieutenant of the Chief Justice of Patanemo on June 10, 1765, in which confirms on behalf of his family and other landowners in the area, his willingness to participate in the donation of the half tithe of the crops.

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