Ocumare Beans Sensory Profile :

The first strong characteristic is cacao. Subtle floral and fruit notes. Bitter and astringency are noted too. Light touch of nut.




MOLD % (MÁX) ​



Plastic bag 1 kg (2.2 lb)

Burlap bag 5 kg (11 lb)

Burlap Sack 50kg. (110 lb)

Perfect for bean-to-bar chocolate makers.


The Municipality of Ocumare de la Costa de Oro is one of the 18 municipalities that form part of the state of Aragua, Venezuela. It has an area of 340 km² and a population of 12,816 inhabitants (census 2011). Its capital is Ocumare de la Costa. It is located northwest of the Aragua state.


In this municipality are located the most famous beaches of Aragua, the paradisiacal "Bahía de Cata" and :La Ciénaga", truly a gift from God for the Aragua's people.


Of all the villages of Venezuela, perhaps it is "Ocumare de La Costa del Mar Abajo" one of the villages that have more accurately its founding date in the historical records.


Ocumare de La Costa (Spanish pronunciation: [okuˈmaɾe ðe la ˈkosta]), given the fertility of its soil and its wealth generated by one of the finest cocoa in the world It was known as one of the lands of the great cacaos, was colonized in the 17th century led by Spanish captain Lorenzo Martínez Madrid and incorporated in 1731. The original inhabitants of the area were indigenous tribes under Cacique “Barriga”.